Lalos Cocina Mexicana - Opening Soon in Frisco!

What our Customer’s Say

Thank you Lalo’s! I have always loved the food and the people but during this trying time you have made things feel more normal. I was so sad about not getting to have our normal stuff. Found out you were offering pick up and things have been better ever since! From the first taste of my, favorite margarita of all time, my mood felt better. Then my wonderful bean and cheese Nacho’s were next. Amazing!

Although it’s supposed to be an appetizer dip,the black bean dip is to die for. I order it in bulk and just eat it as a soup. Yummy! I’ve never had anything bad here. I really miss my Henry’s vanilla ice cream, but under the circumstances it’s understandable. Please never change!

– Tracey B.

This is my favorite restaurant in our area. Fast and exceptional service. I miss dining in at this restaurant because they have a nice decor including some private patio seating. We have been ordering take out recently. My favorite items here are the cilantro fajitas, nachos, guac and their margaritas which are the best I have had from any local restaurant. If you call in an order be aware they have a fast turnaround. Be prepared to drive there right away so your food is not cold. We will return in person soon!

– Thomas H.

The food at Lalo’s is always consistently great but last night the management is what prompted me to write a great review. My husband went to pick up our dinner we had called in for our family and we realized once he was home that the restaurant forgot to include the rice and beans for our 6 person meal. I called the restaurant to advise them of the issue and asked if they could please deliver the forgotten items to our house. Within 10-15 minutes Lalo’s sent someone with the rice and beans as well as additional chips and 2 desserts. The exceptional handling of our missing items will keep us going back to Lalo’s for years ahead. Thank you, Lalo’s!

– Dana P.

Great local Tex mex nearby.
Had the quesadillas and nachos delivered and thought the meal was great!

– Reja A